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The Fabulous Story of The Happiness Box

Nancy Couture is full of ideas and has always been attracted to the visual and performing arts, as well as the world of photography. As a daughter of entrepreneurs, Nancy has been involved in the business world since she was very young. For over 15 years, she worked as project manager for a large company in Montérégie before choosing to stay at home to take care of her family. All her life, the words “creation and imagination” have been part of her daily routine.

“I love reading up on psychology and positive thinking. I myself am very positive by nature. After reading at least 2,000 quotes, I decided to choose 365 because I imagined people could read one per day for a whole year. Every quote I chose made me feel something… I didn’t choose them lightly. Each of the quotes in the Pot de Bonheur is balm for the soul.”

The idea developed into a concept, with design choices including a box that looks like a paint can.

In December 2014, Nancy Couture was working on her first orders. “Starting December 19, it was crazy; my house didn’t look like a house anymore because there were cans, labels and boxes everywhere! We worked day and night until Valentine’s Day, and my whole family put their shoulders to the wheel!” Ms. Couture reminisced.

With the success of the Pot de Bonheur, the business grew, and other products were born like his English version The Happiness Box, Pot de Bonheur-2, Jeu-questionnaire “Autour du Feu” with his English versionThe Ultimate Quiz Experience “Around the Fire” and not to mention the most recent product, le jeu-questionnaire “Autour de la Table”.

In 2016, the success of her business was honoured by the Chambre de commerce de la Vallée-du-Richelieu and she received the honour for the best marketing campaign.

In January 2017, Nancy Couture participated in her first major international event by presenting the English version of the Pot de Bonheur, The Happiness Box, which was chosen to be included in gift bags for Hollywood stars during the Golden Globe Awards gala. What a way to jumpstart her entrance into the American market!

2018 started with a bang: in January, Nancy Couture was adopted as part of ADOPTE INC.’s 2018 cohort. ADOPTE INC. is a mentorship program created by Anne Marcotte, a Québec businesswoman, and Nicolas Duvernois, the founder of Pur Vodka. “300 of us applied, and only 20 or so were chosen. This will give us more tools to succeed in business. We’ll have the ultimate opportunity: to participate in a weekend of training at the École d’entrepreneuriat de la Beauce, which is very well-known internationally. We’ll also get the chance to meet Guy Laliberté. You can’t ask for a better experience,” adds the businesswoman.

She was also honoured in March 2018 by the LADN Montérégie entrepreneurship competition, which recognizes Leadership, Audacity, Determination and inNovation. This initiative was created in 2014 by the Table d’action en entrepreneuriat en Montérégie. Nancy Couture won the prize for Determination. “For me, this represents a nice pat on the back. One can feel lonely at the head of a company. It also tells you not to give up!”

Good news just keeps rolling in for the creator of the Pot de Bonheur: Nancy Couture had the chance to bring her product to France in May 2018 thanks to Mission France, a Desjardins business networking initiative to bring a few local companies to Paris for six days of business meetings. As she has been saying since the beginning of this crazy adventure: “Happiness knows no borders!”

After only 2 years in business, the Québec company has sold over 125,000 of the Pot de Bonheur. The 100% Québec-made products are now sold in 575 locations across Canada and the United States.

“I am very proud to say that my products are 100% Québec-made. My team is made up of young people from my region and they have been with me since the very beginning of this adventure. What really motivates me to continue are the touching testimonials that I receive regularly. Many people tell me how the Pot de Bonheur has seen them through illness or the most difficult times of their lives. I even hear beautiful love stories that have started with a quote found in the Pot de Bonheur. There are also plenty of people who thank us simply because they can start their day on a positive note thanks to the Pot de Bonheur!  We also receive grateful testimonials from people who have ended up having wonderful, deep discussions with the people around them thanks to the “Autour du Feu” quiz. When I see all of that and I read all of those beautiful words, I realize how lucky I am to be able to carry out my mission every day of my life.  I am convinced that the planet needs a little helping hand from me. I’m not done surprising you yet! I’m still very enthusiastic about my life plans, because in my opinion, happiness knows no borders.

 “If you can dream it, you can do it.” — Walt Disney

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